Order Voucher Order Mooncake Cake of the Month SHOP Our creative take on the Basque cheesecake - Mao Shan Wang durian with high-quality cream cheese baked to perfection. SHOP SHOP Our bestselling lucious Mao Shan Wang Durian Chocolate Swiss Roll is absolutely irresistible. Simply Irresistible!

The Perfect Mid-Autumn Gift!

Treat your friends and family with a Mooncake Voucher, which they can use to redeem from any of our Mid-Autumn booths.

Mid-Autumn Mooncake Booth Locations

Our Mid-Autumn Mooncake Booth will start to operate from 4 Aug 2022 onwards at the following locations.

Takashimaya, B2 (Taka Square) 04 Aug – 10 Sep
Tangs Vivo City, L1 12 Aug – 10 Sep
Tangs Orchard, B1 18 Aug – 10 Sep
Nex, L1 22 Aug – 10 Sep
AMK Hub, B2 (Opposite Malaysia Boleh) 15 Aug – 10 Sep
Junction 8, L2 29 Aug – 10 Sep
Compass Point, L2 Atrium 16 Aug – 10 Sep
Raffles Xchange, B1 Atrium (Mon-Fri) 15 Aug – 09 Sep
Jurong Point, L1 22 Aug – 10 Sep

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